Our Beef Producers

Everything Wagyu Cohuna: F1 Wagyu Marble Score #8  – The Ultimate Beef Eating Experience.

A regional beef hero, producing world quality Wagyu, from the Grove family farm near Cohuna, Northern Victoria. The standard of meat is outstanding, and one we are so proud to offer guests in our Bendigo Steakhouse.

The Grove family proudly advise:

“Every animal is reared under the highest standard of animal husbandry and has lifetime traceability which means we can guarantee you our meat is chemical, antibiotic and hormone free.”

Sher Wagyu Ballan: Gold Medal Produce Awards – F1 Wagyu Beef

Sher Waygu are recognised internationally for their delicious, tender and juice beef, providing an intense, superb flavour – they produce Fullblood Wagyu and Japanese style Wagyu x Holstein F1.

We believe that Sher Wagyu is a stunning beef eating experience for any beef enthusiast which can rarely be surpassed.

Inglewood Dry Aged Beef: Victoria’s Only 28 Day Aged Belgium Black Angus

Located approximately 40 minutes outside of Bendigo, Inglewood Dry Aged Beef is a good old-fashioned butchery, bringing back the old-fashioned dry aging process – focused on reminding and educating their consumers on what the taste of real beef actually is.

For owners James and Pat, the dry aging process is time consuming and expensive, and high quality beef must be used from the beginning. However once complete, the steaks that are absolutely superior in tenderness and bursting with flavour.  Juices are absorbed into the meat over the dry-aging period, naturally tenderising the steaks.

Four local farms supply the business, their superior livestock along with James and Pat’s great attention to detail ensure that the dry aged beef produced by Inglewood Aged Beef is of outstanding quality.

Cape Grim Tasmania: Premium Graded British Beef 100% Grass-Fed.

Cape Grim Pure Beef say its the clean air and superior pastures that are responsible for their reputation for premium-grade beef.  Rich and full of flavour, tender and juicy – reflecting the grass-only diet of the British breed cattle.

Humanely and sustainably farmed, Cape Grim beef is hormone, antibiotic and GMO free, graded to four & five star MSA tenderness grades and naturally marbled for maximum juiciness and flavour.

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