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Project Description

Inglewood Aged Beef offers premium aged beef for the discerning buyer. Cattle are purchased directly from ‘Kiabella’ farm, who specialise in the breeding of Belgian Blue and Belgian Blue crossed with Black Angus beef cattle.  Kiabella is one of the earliest Belgian Blue studs in Australia, and owner Max Davis has spent most of his life in the farming business, striving for excellence and producing chemical-free grown beef, which in turn allows Inglewood Aged Beef to offer you a premium quality product.

The team from Kiabella have found that the Belgian Blue breed are very docile and produce high yielding carcasses with excellent meat and fat colour. The meat is very tender which makes them highly sought after by many good butchers.

The cattle purchased at Inglewood Aged Beef are transported in groups of four, directly from the farm to the abbatoir, which is only 2.5 kilometres away. This practice significantly reduces the stress on the cattle, which in turn produces relaxed, tender meat.  This system also allows us to track the meat from the farm to the plate.

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